Hi, I'm Aja

a full stack engineer with a background in design.

  • NEXT.JS/
  • REACT/
  • CSS
I like making things, but I love learning even more.
I built a fashion startup from zero to seven figures and a brand featured on the cover of the New York Times Style section, but you can only innovate so much with women's clothes.
I looked for a new challenge to satisfy my desire to build — one where the potential to learn was uncapped.
Someone suggested software development and by day two, I was hooked.
Seven months later, a conversation about my career change led to my first freelance project. Despite the fact that I hadn't yet built a full-stack web app, I knew I could learn.
Today, after countless hours debugging, Stack Overflow rabbit holes, and late nights pouring over documentation, I can say that I'm a software developer who was paid to build an AI-powered web app with Next.js, Supabase, and Tailwind CSS.
Now, I'm excited to join a company that values learning and creativity, where I can collaborate and make a meaningful difference.

Engineering creative solutions to meaningful problems.