Visible Work

Project overview

Visible Work is website built with JavaScript showcasing a personal branding service. I built it to showcase the service and highlight its most compelling features to potential clients. I included a text animation to highlight the company's value proposition as well as a Calendly pop-up for ease of booking.

The website includes:

  1. A typing animation
  1. Calendly booking pop-ups
  1. Responsive styling with grid and flexbox

Tech stack

  • JavaScript/
  • CSS/
  • Calendly API
Visible Work landing page 'What we do' and 'What you get' sections including a 'Join an info session' button
  1. Responsive styling: This was my first time creating a website for public use so I wanted to make sure it was responsive for a wide range of devices. I started with media queries and flexbox, and discovered for layouts that require more control as the window size changes, a grid is often effective.

  1. Animation: I knew we wanted something eye catching as soon as a prospective client landed on the homepage so a text animation seemed like the perfect fit. I discovered a technique using just CSS that gradually revealed the word, but I knew this wouldn't be as responsive so I figured out how to create a typing animation using JavaScript.

  1. Ease of booking: I wanted users to be able to book a session without being redirected to so I used the Calendly API to make a pop up when I user clicked a button to book a session.

  1. Accessibility: I explored accessibility best practices for the first time on this project. To do this I used Lighthouse, WAVE, and VoiceOver. Through this process I discovered that my images weren't labelled descriptively enough and that it was an issue to skip header numbers.

The header on the Visible Work website showing the header with text 'Make your ____ visible' with a text animation cycling through the words work, experience, wins, skills, and insights.

  1. Hosting: I hosted and published a site with Vercel for the first time and set up the DNS.

  1. Iterating: I learned how the design process takes iteration to make sure the design serves the content. As we updated the content, the design needed updating too.

  1. Accessibility: Analyzing the accessibility really gave me a new perspective on how different people experience websites. I thought I was cognizant of accessibility while (adding alt text, using high contract colors), but was surprised to find a lot of room for improvement when running it through accessibility tools. In particular, using VoiceOver, I realized how crucial it is that headers are labelled properly and not skipped.